Roland Faragher-Horwell

I trust KMi because they have proven that my needs are what matter to them. Having KMi as a partner gives me on-going confidence that I’m always doing the right thing regarding my family’s insurance coverage. I cannot overstate the value of their service! Roland Faragher-Howell

Hans Frederickson

Outstanding service. Buying insurance is not fun, but Kristin Manwaring and her staff are so knowledgeable and responsive, they make it easy to understand the options and make the right decision for your specific needs. I use Kristin Manwaring Insurance for our company medical / dental insurance and I’m consistently impressed by their service. Hans Frederickson

Jeff Highbarger

I’ve used KMI for both business health insurance plans as well as my own health insurance shopping. Kristin and her staff have been the most professional and helpful group to work with. I recommend them to anyone looking for insurance. Jeff Highbarger