Disability insurance is protection for your future income.

How will you support yourself and your dependents if involved in an accident or become ill? What if your last payday was your last payday? How long could you support yourself or your family with no income? Most people have health insurance, auto insurance and home insurance, but have not thought to protect the income that makes their lifestyle possible.

Individual disability income insurance replaces a significant portion of income lost when illness or injury prevents you from earning a living. It is designed to help pay ongoing bills while you recuperate.

Disability income is covered in various ways:

  • Employer sponsored group disability plans
  • Individual disability income policies, paid for by individuals,
  • Government programs, such as workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability
  • Your savings
  • Borrowing money

Most of us consider health insurance to protect from illness or injury. If you are preparing for the medical costs of disability then consider preparing for the costs of basic needs during a time of disability such as putting food on the table and making a mortgage payment.

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