Congratulations on your decision to look into Employer Sponsored Coverage for your employees!  We pride ourselves in the relationships we have established with the carriers we represent and the clients we serve.  We have the knowledge, commitment and experience to be your advocate.

     Health Insurance

    • Did you know that health insurance plans offered by an employer often have larger provider networks and richer benefits than a plan they could get on their own?
    • We know how hard it is running a small business, and every dollar counts. If offering health insurance is too much right now, we can help look at other options to show your employees how much you value them.

    Dental Insurance

    • Dental care is part of whole body care. Dental Insurance may help offset some of the costs of accessing services.

    Vision Insurance

    • You can offer a vision plan for under $10 per employee per month. Vision insurance is an affordable way to offset many costs associated with eye exams, glasses and contacts.

    Life Insurance

    • Life insurance can provide peace of mind of knowing your family would still have financial security without you.

    Disability Insurance

    • Short Term Disability Insurance
    • Long Term Disability Insurance

    Long Term Care Insurance

    Accident Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Hospital Insurance

    • Supplemental plans may be an affordable way to help pay for out of pockets associated with the unseen, from paying the deductible to paying your mortgage.

    Consumer Driven Healthcare

    • Have more control of your money through:
      • Health Reimbursement Accounts
      • Flexible Spending Account
      • Health Savings Accounts
      • Premium Only Plan

    Voluntary Benefits

    • Do you want to offer benefits, but can’t afford to pay the whole premium? There is often more flexibility in eligibility and employer contribution when offering voluntary benefits.