If you are new to Medicare, working with our office for the first time, or are looking for alternatives to your current Medicare Supplement, please contact our office. Keep in mind that Medicare Supplement plans are open year-round and are not restricted by the Annual Enrollment Period.  Premium rates for Medicare Supplements will adjust annually, and the timing of rate changes varies by carrier.

Shop and Enroll with My Guided Medicare

You may now shop and enroll on your own for a 2021 Part D prescription drug plan. The tutorials below provide step-by-step instructions. Once you are ready, click the Shop & Enroll button to safely and securely enroll on a plan. We are still here to help, so please reach out to our office if you have any questions about the review process.

How to enroll in the plan when I already know which one I want:
How to enter my prescriptions and pharmacy to compare plans and enroll in a Part D prescription plan:
My Guided Medicare Shop & Enroll Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

The above material was adapted from the Medicare and You Handbook.  Find the full 2021 document here